Definition of LEGALIZING CANNABIS - "King Of All Plants"

Repealing cannabis prohibition and legalizing cannabis

- By Bahram Maskanian

Repealing cannabis prohibition and legalizing cannabis: means decriminalizing planting and growing of this amazing green vegetable FOR ALL PEOPLE. The way Mother Nature had intended. It means all governments, local and federal must get the hell out of the way and leave people alone to grow this green vegetable, and enjoy cannabis truly incredible exceptional healing and disease preventive properties and countless industrial productivity.

Since 1937 the American and European educational systems have been used for dumbing down, deceiving and misleading the public by simply replacing scientific and historic facts with fiction. Historical fact: the Persian Empire (world’s cradle of civilization) spanning over most of Asia, North Africa and Europe named cannabis: “Shah Daneh”, the “King Of All Plants”. For over 12,000 years cannabis has been used for food, fuel, medicine and manufacturing 100s of different safe, durable and renewable products.


The hard work, money and time spent to enlighten and inform the American people to take action for legalizing hemp cultivation in the past twenty (20) years by the Venus Project Foundation and other caring grassroots organizations, were not meant to create a new class of exclusive licensed drug dealers, making a few selected group of rich folks, richer, through obtaining expensive cannabis cultivation licenses, thereby continuing to keep the general public out of the equation. Forcing people to pay the highly inflated prices of two thousands ($2,000) dollars for one (1) ounce of cannabis medicine extract, which would cost next to nothing if people were to grow this green “King Of All Plants” vegetable themselves.

After nearly 16,000 years of humanity enjoying the many benefits of cannabis, a green plant, which has been evolving for the past 35 million years on planet Earth, suddenly Hemp, Cannabis, Weed, or Marijuana prohibition was orchestrated in 1937 and completed by 1942, by the criminal billionaire elites and wall street bankers in U.S. to suppress hemp enormous industrial productivity, health benefits, fuel and fiber production, crushing local hemp farmers, merchants and their environmentally safe and clean products, thus they began capturing, monopolizing and plundering energy, fuel, drugs, textile, paper and many other related markets all over the world out of the hands of the people.

No greedy-man made laws could ever supersede the supreme laws of Nature. No mortal being on Earth has the authority, nor the power to regulate laws of nature or prohibit and deny humanity the bounty of vegetables, fruits and all other nutritional life sustaining and saving produce, which has been provided to humanity by Mother Nature. We should never allow a hand full of corrupt politicians in the pockets of the so-called special interest, act as Supreme Being and defy the Supreme laws of Mother Nature by stopping people, from growing any kinds of life saving vegetable for our own consumption!

Hemp, Cannabis, Weed, or Marijuana is an amazing green vegetable that everyone should be able to plant and grow for her / his own use. Simple juicing of the Cannabis green leaves mixing it with a freshly made fruit juice has remarkable preventive, protective and healing health benefits, which everyone must have open access and freedom to enjoy.

We have been and are supporting and promoting the individual rights to grow and use hemp, marijuana, cannabis, weed, pot and whatever else kind of name given to this amazing green plant, to do as one wishes, juice cannabis green leaves, or cook cannabis and make medicine, or baked goods from it, or smoke it, and or produce thousands of eco friendly quality products from it, etc., without any limitations and or a need of obtaining any form of licensing whatsoever.

Hemp, Cannabis, Weed, or Marijuana is an amazing green vegetable that everyone should be able to plant and grow for her / his own use. Simple juicing of the Cannabis green leaves mixing it with a freshly made fruit juice has remarkable preventive, protective and healing health benefits, which everyone must be have open access and freedom to enjoy.

Repealing cannabis prohibition and legalizing cannabis

According to the United States Government’s 1000s of research and findings in the past thirty years, plus 1000s of independent physicians, scientists and many other governments studies and historical evidences from around the world, many of which are posted and available on the Venus Project Foundation’s website HEMP section, the remarkable healing and health benefits of cannabis, extends to a wide variety of ailments and conditions, including but not limited to:

1 - cannabis stops all forms of cancer from spreading, kills cancer cells and simply destroys and removes cancer tumors, 2 - treats Glaucoma, 3 - treats severe seizure disorder known as Dravet's Syndrome, 4 - treats epileptic seizures, 5 - stops progression of Alzheimer's disease, 6 - treats multiple sclerosis and other types of muscle spasms, 7 - treats hepatitis C and increases treatment effectiveness, 8 - treats inflammatory bowel diseases, 9 - treats and relieves arthritis discomfort, 10 - keeps you healthy and regulate your metabolism, 11 - treats Lupus, an autoimmune disorder, 12 - spurs creativity in the brain, 13 - eliminates Crohn's diseases or Ulcerative Colitis, 14 - soothes tremors for people with Parkinson's disease, 15 - treats veterans suffering from PTSD, 16 - protects the brain after a stroke, 17 - protects the brain from concussions and trauma, 18 - treats sleeplessness and eliminate nightmares, 19 - treats pain, nausea and stimulates appetite, 20 - treats and helps alcoholics and drug addict to kick the habit, 21 - treats chronic pain, 22 - treats Migraine headaches, 23 - treats Cerebral Palsy, 24 - treats Gastric Esophageal Reflux, 25 - treats Premenstrual Syndrome, 26 - treats Anorexia (loss of appetite), 27 - treats Multiple Sclerosis, 28 - treats Asthma, 29 - treats Lou Gehrig’s Disease, 30 - treats Fibromyalgia, 31 - treats Cumulative trauma disorder, 32 - treats Scoliosis, 33 - treats Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, 34 - treats Whiplash, 35 - treats Neuropathy, 36 - treats Muscle Spasm, 37 - treats HIV / AIDS, 38 - treats allergies, and more. This amazing green vegetable does all of that with no side effects!

In the past twenty years thousands of studies and thousands of remarkable positive healing results witnessed by doctors and scientists while treating chronic patients all over the world have been published as documentary films and research papers, if you have the time simply Google “the health benefits of cannabis” and dive right in and enjoy. Right where you are in the HEMP section of our website, there are a few creditable enlightening short documentaries you should watch.

Our experience in the past couple of decades shows that to remove the inhumane, unscientific, idiotic and illegal cannabis prohibition laws, first we need to galvanize and enlighten the people, followed by encouraging uncompromising public demand on the subject to change these laws all over the U.S. and the world.


H.R.1013 - Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act - 114th Congress (2015-2016) - To decriminalize marijuana at the Federal level, to leave to the States a power to regulate marijuana that is similar to the power they have to regulate alcohol, and for other purposes.  Click here to download .pdf copy of the bill.

Lets make it happen people, go to your elected official's offices and tell them you want this to get done.  Tell them we, the people are in charge, not the nation-less drug companies.  Tell them to vote yes and remove all legal prohibition laws regarding hemp, marijuana, cannabis, weed, pot and whatever else kind of name given to this amazing healing green plant..!


Growing Hemp, Cannabis, Weed, or Marijuana in New York State

In June of 2014, both chambers of the New York State legislature approved a bill by a near-unanimous vote to allow the cultivation of industrial hemp as part of an agricultural pilot program, the 16th state in the United States to do so.

On October 28, 2014, I decided to contact the New York State authorities to find out what agency is responsible for issuing Hemp cultivation license? Took over two (2) hours of back and forth, between NY’S governor Andrew Como and local representative offices of Liz Krueger, Charles Schumer, plus the New York State Department of Health, State and Department of Agriculture to learn that after nearly five (5) months pretending to legalize cannabis, nobody has a clue where, or who and how is this licensing going to be done.

Senator Charles Schumer - 212-486-4430

Representative Liz Krueger - 212-490-9535

Governor Andrew Como - 518-474-8390

NYS Department of Health - 1-866-881-2809

NYS Department of State - 1-800-697-1220

NYS Department of Agriculture - 1-518-485-5326

The link below was given to me to enquire about license, which does not go anywhere